Baptizing the Time Machine with blood

in a scene from the George Pal film "The Time Machine".

Rod Taylor smearing blood on the Time MachineGeorge Wells (Rod Taylor) has a cut on his left index finger and with a solemn smile he smeares blood on the Time Machine, baptizing it before departure into the distant future. Also the Matebians is sacrificing human blood and they also smears it on the front of the machine - never on its backside.

Remember that the film The Time Machine is a part of the Geopalian universe (a fantasy world created by George Pal) as well as the Matebian Empire is a part of the Artezanian universe (a fantasy world created by me). Everything visible in the film has a purpose. Do you think he is wasting matches in the time travelling scene where he is sealed by the mountains? Jerry Search thought he did, but the real purpose is that he is testing the air in the time-bubble (in the same time as he is glancing at the running dates on the illuminated console). If there is too much carbon-dioxide, the match will not lit and he must immediately turn back. But he gets a nice flame instead, which means a lot of oxygen and he can travel further into the future and patiently wait until the rock around him wears down by age.
The only real mystery is how he can see the sun and the Northern Star through the same window during his time travel, but for the Matebians this is a holy mystery as the mystery of the Holy Trinity for the Catholic Terranians: The Sun God and the Northern Star in the same place! Both of them are showing the path for the faithful people: the Northern Star in the material world and the Sun in the spiritual world.

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