Other Fiction

Knights of the Continuum by Rick J. Fiore Knights of the Continuum from the Journal of the Time Builder by Rick J. Fiore

   Timescape, by Gregory Benford JFK death 50 year anniversary - click on the picture!

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    Lord Kelvin's Machine, by James P. Blaylock

timetravbk.JPG (243075 bytes)     Time Travelers Short Story Anthology

bktmss.JPG (213408 bytes)   Time Machines, edited by Bill Adler Jr.

Panchronl.jpg (38990 bytes)  The Panchronicon, by Harold Steele Mackaye (1904) Click on the picture!

Hoaxl.jpg (24277 bytes) The Great Time Machine Hoax, by Keith Laumer (1965)

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   The Very Slow Time Machine, by Ian Watson


bkfirstbs.JPG (163379 bytes)    The Time Machine That Never Got Past First Base, by Felix Severage, illustrated by Lau Shiu Fan


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