The Land Of The Leal
(Scottish Folk Song)



The melody is an old air, Hey, tuttie, tattie. Lady Nairne (1766-1845) wrote the words when the only child of her friend, Mrs. Archibald Campbell Colquhoun (who had been a love of Sir Walter Scott at one time), died. Robert Burns then "adapted" the lyrics further.



I'm wearin' awa' Jean,

Like snaw-wreaths in thaw, Jean,

I'm wearin' awa'

To the land o' the leal.

There's nae sorrow there, Jean

There's neither cauld nor care, Jean,

The day's aye fair

In the land o' the leal.



To me ye hae bee true Jean,

Your task's ended noo, Jean

For near kythes my view

O' the land o' the leal.

Our bonnie bairn's there, Jean,

She was baith gude and fair, Jean,

And, oh! we grud'd her sair

To the land o' the leal.



But dry that tearfu' ee Jean,

Grieve na for her and me, Jean

Frae sin and sorrow free

I' the land o' the leal.

Now fare ye weel, may ain Jean!

This warld's cares are vain, Jean,

We'll meet and aye be fein

I' the land o' the leal.



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(Words and Music by Peggy Lee)


(As included in Draft Two of "The Time Machine" 4-16-59)



When I was a wee lad 

And dark was the night 

Afraid I would be 

Til the bright morning light 

And sometimes... for comfort 

Away I would steal 

Away I would go to the Land of the Leal. 



And soon I would be there

It took me no time

My heart would be soaring

As I made the climb

And there was the green grass

So cool and so sweet

So good to be run through

With happy bare feet!



And who was my teacher

And How did I know?

Just when to be going

And which way to go?

But always when wishing

Away I would steal

Away I would go to the Land of the Leal.



And now that I'm older

I try to be wise

But when I am troubled

I still close my eyes

And just like the wee lad

Away I will steal

Away I will go to the Land of the Leal.



For there are no questions 

And there are no lies 

And never a storm there 

To darken the skies 

The birds who are flying 

No freer they feel 

Than I 



When I live in the Land of the Leal.



[NOTE: The original "Land of the Leal" is the MIDI background for this page, if you're using Microsoft Internet Explorer; a version of the song is also available on an Andy Stewart CD, as well.]

Don Brockway, March 3, 2000 (updated October 12, 2004)


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