Song of Innocence

(To Be Sung on the Information Superhighway)

Cyber, Cyber, blinking bright

Through the sleepless hours of night,

What smug hacker, lost in space

Conceived thy graphic interface?

I sit at my computer

And punch the pretty keys.

I'm on the Superhighway

And I do not feel at ease.

Downloaded now with data

I didn't know I lacked

A crash seems inescapable --

And so does every fact.

But when the chip consumes the block

And leaves us reeling with the shock

Is 911 the code we call?

Is anyone out there at all?

We're spinning toward the future

At a speed approaching light,

Where matter's non-existent

Though the bills are out of sight,

The pixels aren't so crazy

And the bauds are often pure

But reality is virtual

Which means it's not for sure.

Whose the hand that steers the bus?

Whose word banned the abacus?

Who shrinks the world to one CD?

Did those who counted toes make thee?

Catlike at my keyboard

I'm toying with a mouse

They say I'm on a highway

But I never leave the house.

I dwell in Global Village --

No one here I'll ever know --

But the future is upon us

And there's no place else to go.

Cyber, Cyber, blinking bright

Through the lost hours of the night,

What cad tripped the awful trap

That caught us here without a map?

--Joyce La Mers

(David Duncan's Sister)

Don Brockway, October 29, 2000 (updated May 15, 2004)

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