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Without Bob Burns, the original Time Machine, as seen in George Pal's movie, would not exist.

It does... and today, it's just a part of Bob's incredible collection.

What's Coming up for Bob?

As documented in the excellent "Journey Back" video (which Bob Executive Produced), it was Bob who found and restored the original machine. It was a labor of love, and it was a labor!

Bob is known by science fiction fans worldwide. In addition to all of his other talents, he is a gracious and generous man, always willing to talk to like-minded fans and to support their projects. One of the good guys, to be sure.

You absolutely must visit The Bob Burns Home page. To do so, click on Bob's photo above. Reserve your copy of "Bob's Basement," a soon-to-be-published book that promises an inside look into Bob's collection. Sign Bob's guestbook, if you get a chance, and thank him for preserving so much wonderful movie memorabilia.

And be sure to visit the pages featuring Sci-Fi and Fantasy fan/author Val Warren (images above can be found on  Bob's site) the Associate Editor, Writer and Illustrator for the fanzine Kaleidoscope, a publication devoted to Fantasy in film and literature.  In 1979, Val authored the book Lost Lands, Mythical Kingdoms and Unknown Worlds (Simon and Schuster; sadly out of print), an excursion into the realm of cinematic fantasy that featured over 300 rare stills from his personal collection.


Don Brockway, March 9, 2000 (updated October 12, 2004)


Bob Burns hosted a Halloween show each year at his home over several years. Each show was inspired by a popular genre film. Some of the shows were inspired by Forbidden Planet, The Thing, The Exorcist, War of the Worlds, The Time Machine and many more.

Bob Burns has put together a 3 hour documentary on how his Halloween Shows were done. It will be available for viewing on-line in segments. Future segments will feature the shows themelves.

Click on the link below to go to the official site. Tell your friends


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