Ian Emerson

The Scotland/ Time Machine connection continues!

In addition to the Granite City team in Aberdeen, Ian Emerson, of  Bathgate, West Lothian, has  long been a devotee of the science fiction of H. G. Wells.

Ian  first read "War of the Worlds" at age 12. He says " ...of all the film adaptations, 'The Time Machine,' by George Pal, is by far the most authentic. It was a shame that Pal's 'War Of The Worlds' was not made in the same spirit. I have read 'The Time Machine' many times now and it still grabs my imagination, as does the Pal film, which captures the sense of adventure and time period in which it was written."

Ian created his own original 3D model using Maxon's "Cinema 4D GO 3D" modeling package which he finds "...affordable, easy to learn and yet capable of  producing some very sophisticated models and images."

Ian's machine pays homage to concepts from Pal's  film version  (the console), the "Classics Illustrated" comic version (the rings), as well as Ian's original interpretations based on Wells' own description in the novella.

"I'm currently working on including this model into scenes produced using a scenic rendering package called "Vue d'Esprit 3" showing The Time Machine as it arrives beside the Sphinx."


Don Brockway, October 21, 2000 (updated October 20, 2004)

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