TM model by Bob Daggett

Mr. Bob Daggett, who lives in Nevada, USA, has sent me photos of his beautiful model of the Time Machine. It is scratch built, Bob has built it completely by hand. Bob also decided to convert the model 1/12th scale from static to full functionality, including sound that speeds up, full functionality lights and a right hand gear drive that no one had at that time in that scale. The disk speed is constant but it is turned on and off by the lever, and the lights at the front flash counting sequentially.

Here is his Youtube video of his reworked version of his Time Machine model, and he made it whizz like the real one in the movie! See it in:

This fantastic Time Machine model by Bob Daggett has full functionality lights and a right hand gear drive.

Bob has converted the model 1/12th scale from static to full functionality, including sound that speeds up.

Look at the biscuit tufting in the seat, meticulously handmade by Bob Daggett. And the dish is of copper.

This model is a masterpiece - even the six holes in the generator house are there!

The circuit controlling the model is under the base.

Bob Daggett has also made the Tantalus box of an antique liquor box from the 1800s, and he did all the biscuit tufting and remodel of the hardware.

And Bob Daggett did also make a life-size replica of the Time Machine lever.

The lever is carefully hand made of brass with a glass crystal on top.

And here is the e-mail from mr. Bob Daggett, sent December 17:th:

Sandra, Hi my name is Bob Daggett, I read your mind blowing article on Harvey Mayo, I was really surprised, and really not, as he was my first contact when I went on my quest to build my first T / M. I randomly called him on the phone, and things went from there. From the first I had a feeling what the game was, all of this occurred 35 years ago, so at that time he was ( really ) not as bad as he turned out to day, but I needed to get started so at the time it was a win-win scenario as my background included being a machinist ( tinkering ) over time I built my machine slowly I had all the machinery, in the meantime Harvey sold off many things to me, one day he asked me if I would like to buy a pair of disks from the original T / M and I thought he was hosing me. I kept them for 28 years. I made a friend of a great modeler Vince Winskunas who I sent a picture of the disks to. He in turn sent them to Don Coleman, who contacted Bob Burns, who stated they were the ones stolen by someone we all know, to see all the details go to Don's web site. I really enjoyed your website, keep up the good work.
All the best

The pair of disks from the original 1960 Time Machine


I got another e-mail from mr. Bob Daggett, sent December 30:th, because I asked him how he made the beautiful tufting inside the Tantalus box.
And the answer is a surprise, revealing a very clever method, though Bob think it will look weird:

When I started the project (box) I had a hard time figuring out how to make the squares (tufting) look real and soft as I am a morlock when it comes to stitching and drawing a straight line so, (don't think I am nuts here) I took little plastic bags and I took cat hair (off my cat) and sealed it up it made it soft and nice to the touch, anyway the box was bought at an antique store and the hardware was funky so I took it all off and rebuffed it and recoated it. Also just finished putting a semi-gloss coating on the box. Hope you don't think I am ready for the rubber room, hope this helps.


And now, in November 14, 2016, I had at last managed to find the Youtube video of the working Time Machine model:



Sandra Petojevic, Master of Arts, December 21, 2014 (updated January 6, 2015, November 14, 2016 and January 28, 2021)

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