Troy Enlow's TM model

Time Machine 1:6 Masterpiece model made by Troy Enlow

A week ago I found the material below -- the text, the little images and the Quicktime movie-file in my cache-folder in an old laptop at my work, all is now deleted from the Net. The old source was and when I wanted to see it again in September 2006 it was totally gone. The source of the image above is but if you click on the image above, you will see more images of Troy's Time Machine model offsite. The text in Helvetica font is unaltered and written by Troy Enlow, my comments are in Georgia font as this text.

The 1/6th scale TIME MACHINE from Masterpiece Models an all resin scale model that is really really big! The DISC alone is ten inches in diameter!  This is what I have done so far.  The kit will have customized lighting and a motorized system that will be controlled by the crystal lever.

Click on the images to see them FULL SIZE

Here you can see the kits original parts compared to the parts I have replaced.  All moving parts are made from brass tubing or brass & steel rod. The Disc mounting plate is made from some kind of in-line type filter worked out great and the plastic is much stronger than typical clear styrene.

A different view of the drive gear coming from the lower motor housing.

A steel nut will lock the disc into place from the rear. I will add some magic sculpt later to form a simple cap.

The rear access door for the batteries, rear pod lights and motor replacement.

Here is the completed drive unit. The actual movie prop was driven by a backyard grill motor.

The upper drive shaft assembly with before assembly was completed. The pink gear was positioned and a hole was drilled through the shaft and gear to guarantee NO PROBLEMS in the future....cuz there is no fixing it later!

Here you can see the horizontal shaft and how it will fit into the disc. The disc is made to be removable for easier storage and shipping ( like to Wonderfest in 2006! ) OH YEAH!

A Testors hobby paint jar shows just how big this kit is!

The Time Machine front and rear light caps, Control tube, Crystal control knob and date & time display piece. I spent quite some time using a Dremel tool cleaning out those puppies!  After they are painted I have the PERFECT material to place inside the caps.

The last of the great PARTS SEARCH is over!  I searched and search for clear or white replacement cones for the resin parts supplied in the kit, many odd items came close but no cigar.BUT! last week I wuz at a department store and I noticed these renuzitz smelly things for the house ....well the top looked sooo I bought two...went down to the lab and blamo! They are a perfect fit! FRAKING awesome! I had to sand down the fine raised details on the outer surface all the way down to 2400 grit and then I dipped them in future floor wax for a nice shine and for a good surface for the decals.  The two rings you see are cut from the two original resin cone parts .....the new parts sat a bit to far in the sides of the time generator halves and created a gap so I carefully cut the two rings to bring them further out.


This movie here below is made by Troy Enlow himself and contains 4 megabyte, the link above goes to the same movie.

Is your computer unable to show the movie, then click here and download a free Quicktime movie program

To see how the Machine was built go Back to the TIME MACHINE PROJECT SITE Here you can see much more of the Time Machine model and how it was built -- only the Quicktime movie above is missing...

Troy Enlows Time Machine model is really awesome! It is great in details and to have the patience to make it illuminated as it does in the George Pal film is very impressive! The text in Colemanzone is more detailed, but I fell for this pure original text, which shows the real entusiastic love for the model! My own Time Machine models compared to this are kinder-garten style ...

Troy Enlow has made a lot of other amazing models too, check it out on his own site here:


Sandra Petojevic, December 26, 2006 (updated January 14, 2008)

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