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10one.JPG (48178 bytes)GRANITE CITY MECHANICIAN makes working miniature Time Machines based on the Pal design and under license from Turner, the current holder of the copyrights relating to the machine

View the GCM Model in action! (Requires Windows Media Player 7.0)
Movie of the Granite City Time Machine

The dish spins (in both clockwise and counter-clockwise directions) controlled by the lever on the control console

The generator console, control panel, and red "work light" glow, complete with dimming-in and dimming-out effects

The day, month and year bulbs on the console blink in synch with the machine's speed

The machine comes with a transformer and must be plugged in to AC power to function

10two.JPG (60353 bytes)Founded in Aberdeen, Scotland, by Brian Glassar and George Chaides (pronounced shah-DAY), the duo have been hand-building these models for nearly ten years. Brian (an artist/jeweler by trade) made the master jigs and templates in the early days of pre-production, and George has been the 'hands-on' person for Granite City for the last couple of years. 

10three.JPG (59699 bytes)By February of 2000, fourteen of the machines had been completed and were in the hands of collectors. George often delivers the machines in person; they're far too delicate for the mails. Another four machines were scheduled to be delivered to the East Coast of the US by April or May of 2000. (Many people have been waiting for years for their Granite City Machine). According to George, "The things that we do... although they might take a long time to do them; they're very labor-intensive... but I hope they're 'the last word.'"

Completed Granite City Time Machines was in June 2000 back-ordered, and purchasers were advised to expect potentially substantial wait-times for delivery.

But now, in March 2017, George Chaides has retired from offshore work and have now turned to making Time Machines as a full time job. This will indeed decrease the waiting time for the delivery of a finished Machine greatly. The price for a completed Granite City Time Machine is now (March 2017) pegged at £ 5,300. Delivery is included in the price if it's within a 5300 mile radius from Aberdeen, Scotland. Payment is offered, in full or in instalments, via an international third-party escrow service.

10four.JPG (56835 bytes)To enquire about purchasing a Granite City Time Machine, contact:10five.JPG (60418 bytes)

Granite City Mechanician
c/o George Chaides
South Road
Aberdeenshire, Scotland
AB52 6XN

Phone (from the U.K.) 01464-820852
Phone (from U.S.) 011-44-1464-820852

Web site:

By the way, George doesn't plan to stop with this model... and is working with his electronics engineer to do more movie models in the future. Like his Time Machine miniature... we can expect to see them done on a "grand scale." George says the next one may appear within a year's time.

The five views of the final Granite City Mechanician machine are of the pre-production prototype (lacking many of the decorative details of the final version).

Construction of the Granite City Time Machine

View anotherGCM Model in action in the Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago!

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Don Brockway, June 6, 2000 (updated March 31, 2008, October 17, 2016 and March 29, 2017 by Sandra Petojevic, Master of Arts)

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