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bhrightfac.jpg (55489 bytes)Holroyd1.jpg (50201 bytes)This is a Lunar Models build-up by modeler Bruce Holroyd. According to Bruce, " I think that the Lunar Models crew did a fantastic job in trying to give fans like me what they wanted all along: an affordable way to own the classic film vehicle they dreamed of when they were young... and in pretty good detail too!" Taking a close look at Bruce's beautiful job... you'd certainly have to agree. 

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Holunbuilt.jpg (38246 bytes)Bruce Holroyd: Here's what the un-built kit looks like. You can see that the control console is painted in its primary coat of black, but this was done about the same time I had painted the rails and the dish. The gearbox housing is also painted in its 'brass' color, if you look closely. Notice the blow-up photo of the Chaides/Glassar model laying on my desk. This served as an inspiration through several stages of the model's construction. At this point, most of the kit is still in its white 'factory' color. Note the control lever right in front of the console... it is adorned with a real glass crystal, not one of the plastic beads from the kit. 


Holdisc.jpg (34811 bytes)

Bruce Holroyd: The dish and rails. I painted this particular model's dish a gold color, but now wish I would have painted it copper. The spokes, as you can see, are copper-painted. 



bhnowheel2.jpg (14577 bytes)Bruce Holroyd: This shows the 'motor unit' which, upon completion
of the model, will see its permanent placement behind the 'barber chair.'
This assembly was rather tedious ( but still, a lot of fun) to work on, 
with its connecting wires between the electrodes on the base of the motor 
and the 'drive shaft' unit. The wire is a really thin gauge, 
as too thick of a gauge will make the whole assembly 
appear rather effect that I did not want. 
I wanted to strive for intricacy when the model 
was viewed in its completed phase. 

The wire cage around the lamp on the 'drive unit' was a real gem to make! 
wires each measured to the same length, bent appropriately
 and attached, one
by one to the perimeter of the light bulb area on the unit. 


Bruce Holroyd: The chair, completely constructed and painted. For the velveteen appearance of the chair cushions, I used a ceramic paint that gives a soft texture when steam is applied to it. My next model will have red flocking to simulate the is much more preferable as opposed to the 'bland' red color of the paint used on the present version of the machine. The 'wooden' parts of the chair are painted dark brown, but I am striving toward a darker, mahogany shade next time around.







bhnowheel3.jpg (13025 bytes)BHnowheel1.jpg (19826 bytes)

Bruce Holroyd: Two Views of the 'drive unit' placed in its position behind the chair, to give you the back of the 'drive unit' as well.





Return to Weena.JPG (82832 bytes)

The Reign of Man.JPG (465108 bytes)Bruce hasn't limited his "Time Machine" artistic endeavors to three-dimensional models. Check out his two of his paintings: (click on thumbnails for full-sized images) "Return To Weena," at left, and his latest, at right, "The Reign of Man," which has incredible detail and stunning color!




Don Brockway, December 27, 2002 (updated October 12, 2004)


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