TM by Keesie25 from Holland

Mr. Kees, who lives in a small village about 30 kilometers north of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, has sent me photos of his cute model interpretation of the Time Machine.

Time machine models by Keesie
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Time machine models by Keesie

And here is an e-mail from Mr. Kees, sent June 12:th:

I used to be a teacher. Now I have various 'jobs'. I wrote a book and am the historian of a local school-museum here. Also I place alarm systems with older people who still live on their own, we have a big garden which takes a lot of time, and I am in the local 'repair-cafe', where people come in with broken household things. Further I collect vinyl singles, love the Beatles, films and Hitchcock movies especially. I study J.F. Kennedy, Erich von Däniken, and above all, restore car models.

I am specialized in old Corgi toys, which look a little like old Dinky Toys. I also have a 'tendency' to make models which do not exist in real life. Mostly I buy very old stuff, or parts, and rebuild them.  A lot of my stuff you can find here:

So, as a young boy I watched 'The time machine' movie. Years later I saw it again on DVD, and at first I wanted to find out if the machine was ever made in small scale, like in the intro of the movie. It was, and there was even a plastic kit produced once. As I am now able to make models myself, I tried out a Japanese printing in find it is a very weak thing, no good. The only thing I used is the imprint of the dish. So I started to use worthless materials and made my own time machine, which consists of curtain blinds, steel wire, curtain hangers, ballpoint pens, screws and nuts, and other stuff you can not imagine. Recently I made two more machines, which are for sale when the right customer appears!

Best regards Keesie25

To contact Keesie25: kdegeling(�) (replace the (�) with a commercial at-sign, this is to prevent spam)

Time machine models by Keesie Time machine models by Keesie



Sandra Petojevic, Master of Arts, June 25, 2018

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