Chris Perrotta

With the help of film stills and old photographs Chris Perrotta made a virtual reconstruction of the Wah Chang miniature Time Machine, which alas was destroyed in the Bel Aire fire.

Film stills and a photo showing the Wah Chang miniature model of the Time Machine.

The green lamp looks yellow when lit, but it is green as the close-up photo of the original model shows.


The Wah Chang miniature model drawn in June 11, 2007 (White background) and May 29, 2007 (Black background).



Here's a drawing showing the Wah Chang chair on it - but Wah's chair ended up not having the arm-rests on it. But you can see the chair's legs are totally different from its larger counterpart and true to the miniature. I used it, and shots from the DVD, and other photos to recreate my 3D model.


The Wah Chang miniature model drawn in May 27, 2007 (assembled view) and June 8, 2007 (exploded view).


The Wah Chang miniature model in its Tantalus box drawn in June 16, 2007



How would you like to do a page regarding the original chair and how it is now! I've included a few - I have a lot. Even though the chair was put back to be a barber's chair all the old MGM work still shows through from the time of the movie.



Yes, it is already here! Just click and see ...

Sandra Petojevic, Master of Arts, June 3, 2007 (updated August 2, 2009)

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