Assorted links

Here are my favourite links! Updated August 5 2012

Hugh MacDonald of Bon Jovi using Lock-it straps, patented by Chris Perrotta, a fan of the Time Machine!

Don't drop your guitar on the floor by accident! Use Lock-it straps!


Simon Wells's film from 2002

Enter the world of Simon Wells's film The Time Machine from 2002

The reconstructed home site of Don Brockway with time machines

The Time Machine Project
Don and Mary Coleman has the biggest site with time machines

Peter Hanson from New Zeeland har also made a site with time machines

Simon Wells's film from 2002

Here is a boardgame with time machines!


Grow your own nice heirloom tomatoes in your garden!
Here is also a lot of tomato images...

Aljoša makes butterflies of old cell phones

My cousin Aljoša Petojevic is an artist - here is his blogg with a lot of nice photos and images

Battlefield Earth got a lot of these ...

Good films got fresh tomatoes, bad films rotten ones.

Smokey Dawson - Australia's original singing cowboy
See nice caricatures mady by the Australian cartoonist Steve Panozzo

Mark Lynas has also a lot of eerie images of the climate changes. See Them!

This site by Mark Lynas is very important for our future. Click here and read about the climate changes!

In Nautic Center you can find everything for small and big ships!

I am working at Nautic AB as a chart corrector - click onThe Staff and see...

Swedish-English wordbook on the net which also translates in the other direction

These shacks are in Laxå, but Jan Jörnmark has a lot of more images ...

Follow Jan Jörnmark in a suggestive trip to abandoned places in Sweden and Europe

Betty the Hippo
This is not a site about cuddly toys, it is a site about happiness in a furry shape.
Read about Betty the Hippo.



What a nice weather we have today!

This art site is made by Anna Kindvall



Travel into a different world without end in this web-art site



Become an author on the Net!

Publish your short stories about your favourite characters in the net and thousands of people will read them!

In Swedish: Click here

This is something different!

A labyrinth of web-art - get lost and discover new things



Discover new dimensions of internet!

A totally different site with web-art which dissolves all borders


Here can you also help children, animals and women with breast cancer!

With simple mouse-clicks you help hungry ones and preserve the rainforests for free




This is only a little piece to taste.. ...

Here you can see nice westcoast paintings of Jan Stigland


See amazing pyramids and ruins which the maya people left behind ....


Detta broderi är gjort av Leif Inge från Norge

Embroidery as an art - test to do it yourself on the interaktive embroidery

För den riktigt modige!

Do you want to know how much left you got of your life? Test The Death Clock...

För fuskslukaren!

A site for you who want to read a book in nine seconds! Now also with films...



Look at design which is not functional...



A 400-day clock also known as an anniversary clock

A nice site for you who like clocks and watches



With Photoshop the illustrator Chad Pugh creates nice animated worlds which grows while you look...


Sandra Petojevic, filosofie magister och sjökortsrättare