The Time Machine prop at the convent 1986
with rare photos by Bob Daggett  


Here are some very rare shots of the Time Machine movie prop Bob Daggett took at a convention for George Pal in August 20 1986, at the Fantasy Film World of George Pal. By the way, they confiscated his camera so he was lucky enough to get these shots -- click on the images to enlarge them:

The Time Machine 1986 The dish The dish The railings The generator Time Machine side The railings The panel The back of the dish The back of the dish

Do you see the strange runners on the back side of the dish? That was the reinforcement made while shooting the 1960 movie, to prevent the dish from warping.


You must remember that it was 30 years ago, what I do recall I met Mrs. Pal and Bob Burns also Alan Young, and yes Harvey Mayo was there too. When I arrived I started taking pictures of the T/M. I took so many that it must have drawn some attention because they (whoever they are) came over and took away my camera they said it would be returned after the lecture, I felt I might get my camera back, but probably minus the pics, but no! They left them on so, I think maybe just a guess, but the team of the Granite city boys were doing their thing on Bob machine and I really can't say if it was in that time frame or not. All I can remember is the lecture was a great tribute to George Pal and I enjoyed it.

All the best Bob

An old blurred photo of the Time Machine Time Machine flies again Signed by Bob Burns The Fifth Annual George Pal Lecture The Fantasy Film Worlds of George Pal The entrance ticket 1986

Sandra, as I was going through your wonderful site I noticed the prints of the T/M from 1959 as they were the ones I first started out with. Luckily I took my sweet time building my model so as new info came up I was able to make updates to my model, Chris Perrotta was a great help in a lot of updates especially in the rear plantons, thanks to his tenacity I was able to correct the rear of the generator housing just in time, as I see he has been a great contributor to your site also, so my hats off to people like Chris and for people like you Sandra, for all the help in keeping the Time Machine alive and spinning and helping me to complete my dream of having a working model of the T/M.

All the best Bob


And here some material from the Fifth Annual George Pal Lecture, preserved by Bob Daggett -- click on the images to enlarge them:

2-color-tabloid coloring complete-campaign dell-comic metrocolor morlock orbit-into scripts-of typical-scripts

posters-and-lobby TMscience yvette-news circle color futuristic orbit-thru spiral time-barrier you-will-orbit



All photos made by Bob Daggett
Sandra Petojevic, Master of Arts, November 14, 2016


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