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Rare photos of the Time Machine movie prop in the George Pal convent in 1986 by Bob Daggett <--New!

The saddest 1960 Time Machine update ever: Rod Taylor has passed away by Sandra Petojevic

The blueprint and synopsis of Time Machine III by Sandra Petojevic

Draft 2 of David Duncan's Script by Don Brockway
This early draft features many scenes, ideas, and dialogue later dropped.

Commentary for watching the film "The Time Machine" by Professor Lee M. Silver of Princeton University
for the course WWS 320 Human Genetics, Reproduction & Public Policy

Yet more Trivia & Goofs by Sandra Petojevic

A list of Time Machine and Time Travel movies by Sandra Petojevic



Assorted offsite links for the 1960 George Pal movie: see Credits <--Updated!



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