The Journey Back

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The Time Machine: The Journey Back
Is available on DVD!

Included on the new DVD release of "The Time Machine" is the wonderful documentary "The Journey Back."

When "Journey Back" was out of print, copies were trading on eBay for a hundred dollars or more! Even now, dealers are selling "Journey Back" on eBay at inflated prices, simply because people assume the title is still out of print. It isn't. And no true fan of the Pal movie can afford to be without a copy of this gem.

"The Journey Back" is a documentary hosted by Rod Taylor which also includes a brief sequel to the Pal film, written by David Duncan and featuring Taylor and Alan Young reprising their roles as George and David, who reunite years after the evening of January 5th, 1900, when the Time Traveler 'disappeared forever.' The sequel is introduced by Whit Bissell, yet another original cast member from the Pal film.

The documentary follows the journey of the original full-size movie prop from the MGM auction to its restoration by Bob Burns.

Find out more about "The Journey Back" (or order a copy on VHS) at the 7th Voyage Productions site.


Don Brockway, March 10, 2000 (updated October 12, 2004)

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