My Time Machine lever

This is my life-size Time Machine lever. It is 18 cm (7 inches) long and the crystal is 5 cm (2 inches) in diameter. I made it in December 2005 of birchwood, steel, brass and a glass crystal. If you enlarge the pictures by clicking on them, you can see that the lever consists of five parts: the crystal, the handle, the lower part (oops, I forgot to make the end pointed, this one has a flat end) the brass fitting and a screw. The brass fitting has holes as do the glass crystal also. Here I must get a sixth part, some sort of steel string to connect them. Then I insert the brass fitting in the wooden handle which is hollow, I put some Plastic Padding on the top under the crystal and screw the parts together through the end of the handle. Then I put the steel part in the lower end and the lever is almost finished. In this summer I will paint it in its traditional colours and in the end of August i can show my finished Time Machine lever.


Time Machine lever builder and painter: Sandra Petojevic
12:th April 2006

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