What if the time machine gets in an ancient world where it doesn't belong?

What if someone travelled back to the ancient age in the George Pal film Time Machine? He or she will appear from nowhere in a magnificient "throne-sled" with a spinning "sun-disk", in front of the people who knows absolute nothing about time travel and the time traveller will be worshipped as a god ... (If the time traveller is trying to explain time travel for the ancient people he or she will instead be executed as a sorcerer/witch ...)

Ancient Matebian temple with votive gifts, excavated summer 2005

Since 1997 am i writing an epic fantasy novel "The Tiaras of Power" and i am using the time machine in it, in a cultural-logic way. Warning! This means that the time machine is used in a new and totally different way than usual and can be mistakenly interpreted as barbaric. Read the disclaimer here.

In my fantasy world Artezania, there is an empire called Matebia and there is an emperor worshipped as the Son of the Sun and he is sitting in the time machine, which is called "The Holy Throne-sled of the Nameless Prophet" (because the matebians can't read the inscription "Manufactured by H. George Wells" on the panel).
The emperor is coming every vernal equinox in the Temple of the Sun (because he is always travelling forward one year at a time) and the people of the Matebia are watching him emerging and disappearing in a "magical" way, believing that the emperor is a true son of the Sun-God. And look at the time machine itself! It is beautiful, it has a sceptre (the lever!), it looks like an imperial throne and it has also a copper dish in the shape of a rising sun which is spinning across the sky and behind the emperor!

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News in February 7:th 2006: The painstaking
reconstruction of the sequel Time Machine III has just begun!


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