My poor man's model of the Time Machine

Time Machine front side Time Machine back side Time Machine under side
This Time Machine have I made of empty cereal boxes. It is hand painted with colored pencils and a black ink pen (not ballpoint pen exept for the signature under its base). To prevent the railings from sagging i have reinforced it with a toothpick under either side of it at the generator cones. The model is made 5:th - 25:th October 2003 and I devoted an average of pair hours a day to it. It is built in scale 1:12 och den är 24 cm (9,5 inch) long, 19 cm (7,5 inch) wide and 26,5 (10,5 inch) cm high. This depends on that the dish is the widest part of the Time Machine and the largest cereal box is precisely 19 cm (7,5 inch) wide and I wanted to do the model as large as possible ...
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This is the most beautiful picture of a time machine model!
This is a Scotch Time Machine model from the mid 90ties which was exhibited 2001-02 at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, USA. This picture of the model vas the pattern for my Poor man's model and if you click on this picture you will se the machine in the above mentioned museum and you can see a short Quick-time movie about this model and its history!

And now a little curiosity:
My Christmas tree in 2004 was so large that it reached the roof and the original glass pinnacle had no room, so the pinnacle had to be replaced with something else. With black, red, golden and red metallic paper I made a new pinnacle in a very familiar shape ...

These pictures are taken in 15:th January 2004 when the X-mas tree got green shots.


Time Pinnacle and Time Machine Model builder: Sandra Petojevic
26:th March 2005 - links updated 12:th April 2006

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