Lunar Model kit build-up part II

It was with the Time Machine chair the problems began.
I really wanted to complete my Lunar Time Machine model in summer 2005, but things went awry with it
. First it was bad with the four main pieces of the chair: the sides and the back were badly misshapen and impossible to use and the frontpiece was totally missing from the kit. I wrote to Lunar Models in April 2005 to get new pieces (and sent the image above), but they were moving the entire workshop to a new location, and therefore I didn't get the spare pieces until March 2006.

At last I got the spare pieces, but...
Now I got the spare pieces, here shown inside a green frame in the bottom of the pictures above, and Randy Jarrett, the owner of the Lunar Models company, was very kind and sent me four very small armrest spare parts too, as seen to the far left in the image. The green and brass object to the left is a first attempt to make a Time Machine charm for a necklace. It is made of a computer card and some gear wheels from an old alarm-clock. I took all the chair parts to Croatia as I did with the Time Machine chassi in 2004 - but I forgot the instruction-papers in Sweden!


Assembling the chair without any instructions...
I begun with the lower part of the chair, because it is easy to see where the parts are ought to be. The front part has decorations, but the back part with the same shape is absolutely blank. The side parts are exactly the same.


The Time Machine chair takes the familiar shape ...
The seat is painted with Blood Red and Chaos Black and the rivets are painted with Burnished Gold. Then I glued the backrest to the chair.

I use 120, 180 and 240 grain sandpaper and three different types of model files to finish the parts, a hand-made drill made of a wooden stick with a drill-bit in it (hold in place by a rubber band) to rinse the holes and a toothbrush to clean the parts before painting.

The chair is almost finished...
I painted the backrest and the headrest but then I wanted to have the instruction papers to be sure that the armrests and their small parts will be properly clued to the chair - and the papers were in Sweden. And the second problem is: when the chair is finished - how to glue it on the base of the Time Machine? The legs are too small! But I saved a long piece of scrap resin to make four legs of it...


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Time Machine Model kit builder and painter: Sandra Petojevic
February 25, 2007 (updated summer 2007 and February 6, 2012)

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