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The Time Machine in Steven Spielberg's Gremlins!

The Time Machine appears in a science convent shown in the 1984 Steven Spielberg film Gremlins. If you roll over the image with the arrow you can see the Time Machine disappear in the future! If you click on the image, you will enlarge it.

The picture quality is poor, due to the fact that the image is taken from a video recorded from a TV-channel, and not from an original DVD-movie. Also the image is made of two parts, left and right, combined together. In the film you can never see the inventor speaking with his wife and the Time Machine at the same time. This scene appears after the scene with the wife making gingerbread men and having problem answering the cordless telephone invented by her husband.

One more trivia: the robot on the left is Robbie the Robot from the 1956 Fred McLeod Wilcox film Forbidden Planet.

The yellow quadrangles on the rear side of the Time Machine, barely visible in this scene of the 1960 film ...

Square or rectangular quadrangles? Four or six rows of quadrangles?

John Martin in United Kingdom drew my attention to the shape and number of the yellow quadrangles on the rear side of the 1960 Time Machine. He sent me this picture where Bob Burns´┐Ż friends are unloading the rescued time machine, which clearly shows 4 rows of square quadrangles on the back of the generator module. But a 1970 MGM auction photo and a hand scetch shows six rows of rectangle quadrangles...

See the images and the answers about the quadrangles here

The Time Machine in The Big bang theory!

The Time Machine and the morlocks appears in The Big bang theory, season 1 (2007/08), Part 14 "The Nerdvana Annihilation" (directed by Mark Cendrovski), which was aired in a rerun in Swedish television channel 5, December 18 2012. Thank you Karl Andersson in Gothenburg, Sweden, for spotting this one!

H.G. Wells in Lois & Clark The villain Tempus kidnappes H.G. Wells in his Time Machine H.G. Wells blueprint of the Time Machine Lois and Clark sits in the Time Machine built by Superman

H.G. Wells and his time machine in Lois & Clark!

H.G. Wells and his Time Machine appears in Lois & Clark - the new adventures of Superman in season 2, episode 18 "Tempus Fugitive". The images above is from this episode, where H.G. Wells is kidnapped by the villain Tempus and is taken to the year 1866, but he intentionally drops his blueprint where Superman can find it and build a new Time machine in seconds, and then travel back in time with Lois as Clark Kent. The Time Machines are very similar in form and function to the original 1960 Time Machine, but they needs gold as fuel.

Time travel also appears in:

Season 3, episode 14 "Tempus, anyone?"
Season 4, episode 4 "Soul mates"
Season 4, episode 14 "Meet John Doe (1)"
Season 4, episode 15 "Lois and Clarks (2)"

A Krell machine in Babylon 5!

"The Great Machine of Epsilon III" from Babylon 5 is a massive, massive underground machine, which is an homage to the "Krell machine" from Forbidden Planet (1956). It is found in the Epsilon Eridiani solar system.

Babylon 5 did only one time travel story, and it was extremely well planned out. The first hint of it was in the pilot episode, we find "The Great Machine" 2/3rds of the way through the first season, but no one will tell what it does. We specifically find out time travel is involved around episode 20 of the first year, but it's not until a year or so later we find out "The Great Machine" is a time machine tied to what happened in episode 20. Then we're 2/3rds of the way through the third season when the whole time-travel story is resolved.

Here is a more detailed summary of the time travel in Babylon 5. N.B.: Spoiler alert!

This was spotted by the SF-writer Kevin Long in Mayfield, Nebraska,

A big size X in the 1960 movie The Time Machine!

When George enters the eating hall, on the floor is a good size x in white chalk on the floor.
Thank you Bob Daggett in Nevada, USA, for spotting this little rarebit!

If you find more trivia or goofs, mail them to me! Even this page can have some goofs (especially spelling ones!)...

Sandra Petojevic, Master of Arts, April 14 2007 (Updated May 10 2009, Dec 31 2012, June 1 2013, Dec 24 2014)


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