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Hello Time Machine fans! Here is my e-mail address: erkelzaar at hotmail dot com (insert "@" instead of "at" and "." instead of "dot" or simply click the url -- this is to prevent spam-bots to find my e-mail)
I update my site every week -- and as soon I have got Time Machine stuff from you Time Machine fans! Send me book reviews, pictures of models, trivia and goofs and so on ...

My name is Sandra Petojevic and I was born in Piteå, Northern Sweden, in 1969. My mother is from Hungary (as George Pal!) and my father was from Yugoslavia. In Juny 2001 I became Master of Arts in Art History and Visual Studies, University of Gothenburg, Sweden.

Here is my home address for the snail-mail:
Sandra Petojevic, Master of Arts
Svanebacksgatan 5A
S-414 52 Gothenburg

You can mail me in the following languages:
Svenska, English, Magyarul, Deutsch, Hrvatski, Bosanci, Srpski, Dansk, Norsk.

And here is my own home site: http://erkelzaar/tsudao.com

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You are free to link to my homesite and to any page in it. Do not link directly to an image. Copy it to your site and link to the particular site or page via the image.

To distinguish my texts and pages from the reconstructed ones: my pages has always the Tranibor (=the matebian emperor in a time machine) and the particular VF-shaped sign in the background. My pages are also always signed.

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These web pages were once created by Don Brockway in October 1, 1999, and then deleted in the end of February 2005. The old site got 82217 visits since the counter started in March 10, 2001 until February 4, 2005 -- thats why my counter started at number 82300 in February 21, 2006.

Don Brockway is absolute no longer interested in the Time Machine anymore, but here is his e-mail anyway: don at donbrockway dot com (insert "@" instead of "at" and "." instead of "dot" or simply click the url -- this is to prevent spam-bots to find his e-mail)

The painstaking reconstruction was done with help of this site: http://web.archive.org
And here is his present home site, entirely without time machines: http://www.donbrockway.com

How do I know this? Because i mailed him April 4, 2005, and subjected the letter "An important message about your former Time Machine site". Here is the letter:

Hello Don!
Your nice Time Machine site was removed in the beginning of the year 2005, but I can reconstruct it, because there are a lot of facts in it, which are not to be found in the Don and Mary Coleman's Time Machine site or somewhere else. I have begun yesterday with the reconstruction, because it is a very nice site with a lot of information about time machines and sequels, and I am writing a fantasy novel, "The Tiaras of Power" and a sequel to it, "The Return of the Tranibor" which are containing Time Machines.

Here is the address to the reconstruction:

Here is the address to my own home site:

IMPORTANT NOTE: IF YOU WANT, I will entirely remove the reconstruction OR I will continue with a reconstruction with a different layout and/or without your name, but with your facts and pictures!

With my best regards
Sandra Petojevic
Master of Arts in Art History and Visual Studies
University of Gothenburg, Sweden.

I waited for two weeks and I didn't get any answer to this letter - and I never did. This means that he is absolute no longer interested in time machines in the same way I am no longer interested in church organs. (Yes, I once had an older home site with a lot of my own church organ photos, but it is now deleted because of the above mentioned reason. If some church organ fan had reconstructed it, I will not bother about it.) The reconstruction was complete in May 17, 2005 and I managed to restore almost all of the old site. Some pictures and sound files are still missing. N.B.: in the letter it was the old url to my Time Machine site, the new urls from December 2, 2006 is: http://erkelzaar.tsudao.com/time and http://erkelzaar.tsudao.com

I have also reconstructed the story between the George Pal 1960 film The Time Machine and the George Pal and Joe Morhaim sequel Time Machine II, also the story between this book and the 1993 documentary film Time Machine: The Journey Back and also the story between this documentary film and my fantasy novel. The reconstruction and the story is published here, free to everybody to read and appreciate, but you must have seen both of the films and also read the book to fully understand the story. And I really appreciate if somebody can spot errors in my reconstruction! And remember: this is got to be fantasy, not science-fiction! Already the book Time Machine II is pure fantasy, because giant insects can't live in our world, Terra Firma! They can only live in a parallel world, which I in this case named Terra Geopal.

Now you're asking: Why am I doing this? Because The Time Machine is a modern mythical heritage that must be passed on from generation to generation and also is my favourite vehicle since my childhood. Don Brockway did a great job, but then deleted his Time Machine Home Site from the Net because of pure uninterest, lack of space on the site -- or worse, pure envy. The Time Machine survived catastrophes in all worlds, parallel or not. I wish it will truly be centuries-enduring as Rod Taylor quots in Time Machine: The Journey Back...

And why am I writing a fantasy novel? As the same reason J.R.R. Tolkien wrote The Lord of the Rings which is inspired by the Richard Wagner's opera The Nibelungen Ring and then mixed a lot of english traditional myths and fairy tale figures in it, tranforming the story to make it live forever. I want the Time Machine outlive us, who still remembers the H.G. Wells book and the George Pal film with nostalghia. I want to create a myth, with the premisses of the world created by Georg Pal and David Duncan. For example had Stephen Baxter done a brand new, perfectly logical and very interesting science-fiction sequel of the H.G. Wells original novel The Time Machine, and I remember that a couldn't put down that book for a minute and I have still strong memories of it since I read it in summer 2003. If you hadn't read it yet, I recommend it very strong!

Now back to my fantasy novel - why precisely fantasy and not science-fiction? Because to us modern people the Geopalian Time Machine looks more like an magic throne-sled of a mighty sun-emperor than a machine, and this because of the Simon Wells's film The Time Machine from 2002, where the Time Machine really looks like a machine. And thus I created an empire called Matebia and with it its whole culture, tradition and religion. But like Stephen Baxter wrote his novel in a strictly logical way, I must do the same and that's why the Matebian Empire became such a barbaric and blood-thirsty and yet interesting realm. And how the Time Machine came into the Matebian Empire is to be read in my forthcoming fantasy novel The Tiaras of Power. I have some samples of it on my home site, but alas yet only in Swedish language. And in its sequel The Return of the Tranibor it can be read how the Matebian Empire became less barbaric and survived the great assault of the mighty Theranian Federation, thanks to the Geopalian Time Machine!


Sandra Petojevic, Master of Arts, June 1, 2005 - updated December 2, 2006

...and now is the date of November 22, 2015, and the information above is still actual!

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