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The 2002 Simon Wells Movie

The Time Machine panel showing the date May 24 2030 Alexander Hartdegen (Guy Pearce) arriving in New York 2030

Arriving in the year 2030 - oops...

When you see the picture on the left, you can hear a simple bicycle-wheel spinning instead the sound of all those small gear wheels which you also can find in an astrolabe. It is perhaps an homage to H.G. Wells who was fond of bicycles.

When the time-traveller brakes his machine, you can see that the two pistons behind him are not moving. I think this was a temporary malfunction of the movie prop, because just a moment later (see below) you can see the backside of a technician just behind the machine...

Arriving in the year 2030 Arriving in the year 2030

Arriving in the year 2030 - oops just a moment later...

1. Just arrived in the year 2030, but the reflection in the pressure-sphere is wrong ...
2. Oops, just a few seconds earlier ... no comment ...

Massimo Giannelli from Firenze, Italia, spotted these ones, and he spotted also this trivia below:

Mr Filby and mrs Watchit leaving the room

H.G. Wells portrait trivia

Mr Filby and mrs Watchit is leaving the room in the end of the film, and on the wall you can see a picture of a young H.G. Wells.

VOX (Orlando Jones) showing pictures from the George Pal movie

VOX's tribute to the George Pal movie

The pictures in the lower right corner is from the George Pal 1960 movie The Time Machine. You can see Rod Taylor sitting in the Time Machine, a still of a morlock, a poster, a part of that poster and the old nice Time Machine itself. You can see some of those pictures here.

Alexander Hartdegen is growing long nails After the visit in the library the nails are short

Long nails - short nails

Alexander Hartdegen grows long fingernails, because he is putting his right hand outside the time-sphere to catch the falling necklace (left picture). And he still has the long nails when he arrives to the New York in 2030, but when he departures, the nails are short! (right picture).

When did he cut his fingernails? I didn't see him do that in the library...


...but Bryan Fox in Kansas City, Kansas, has a nice answer to this:

Alexander is seen BITING his long fingernails off (granted, rather casually) as he exits the machine in 2030, and approaches the cute bicycle lady. Therefore, when he returns, his nails are (appropriately) short again.

This particular detail bugged me for the longest time, too---until I finally caught the biting described above!

Updated July 20, 2013

A peculiar sound-goof

I spotted this by accident: I wanted steam-engine sound for a sound-art experiment and I extracted some from a scene of the above mentioned movie, when a steam-car appears which Alexander Hartdegen is very interested of. But the sound when it leaves is not like a steam-engine at all! It sounds very similar to the gasoline-powered combustion engine in the automobile that appears in the year 1917 in the George Pal 1960 movie The Time Machine!

The Time Machine approaching the canyon

Oops... or not?

The Time Machine is near a canyon which erodes wider and wider. In the film the edge of the canyon almost reach the Time Machine, but they don't show what happens next. According to the direction and rate of the movements, the Time Machine should fall into the canyon before the ice-age begins. But when Alexander fought with the Übermorlock I understood that the Time Machine is able to float in the mid-air...

Simon Wells trivia

The director of this movie and The Prince of Egypt, Simon Wells, has two special qualifications. He is an expert at animation, which helped with the special effects. And he is the great-grandson of the author of the book, H.G. Wells.

During the last three weeks of production Wells decided to hand over the movie to another filmmaker and he was then replaced by Gore Verbinsky who directed The Mexican. Wells cited exhaustion and an impossible schedule for his decision...

Alexander visiting Pelargir city in the Lord of the Rings?

Alexander visiting the city of Eloi in the distant future

In the trailer, it looks like Alexander Hartdegen is visiting Pelargir in a Lord of the Rings-movie but this is only an early, optimistic future scene of the Eloi world. But this was later omitted and the scene of a world totally controlled by the Morlocks came instead...

Musical trivia in two trailers

In the theatralical trailer for the Simon Wells's 2002 film The Time Machine, the music from the science-fiction film Stargate is used. And then is the music from the Simon Wells's 2002 film The Time Machine, used in the trailer for the adventure film Peter Pan 2004!

John Logan movie script trivia

Before the fan site created by Forgotten Futurist (Sherice Jacob) disappeared from the Net last year, i managed to download the original work written by John Logan, who also wrote the screenplay for Gladiator. This version is somewhat different from the actual screenplay used in the movie -- the Eloi don't have their own language, VOX is an android, Mara and Kalen are mother and son...

Read the saved Time Machine screenplay here, in PDF-format.

Read the Time Machine screenplay here offsite in TXT-format.

By the way -- from the site mentioned above I saved Eloi poems and language! Read them here!

Guy Pearce in the machine - found on the official Japanese Time Machine site (now gone)

Time Machine movie prop trivia

The completed Time Machine movie prop used in this movie was 3,20 meter (10 feet and 6 inches) high, and weighed nearly 2700 kilo (6000 pounds). It was made most of aluminium and polycarbonate to mimic brass and glass, and its chair is an exact replica of the chair in the 1960 Pal Time Machine!

A Japanese child's drawing of the Time Machine

The Time Machine -- Japanese child style

On the Japanese site I found this charming drawing of where VOX is asking something, perhaps to Alexander Hartdegen who sits in the Time Machine and behind them are the typical Eloi dwellings. This drawing must be made by heart, just after seeing the movie, because the whole looks so right but some details are wrong. In the right lower corner are six Japanese characters from the Katakana alphabet. It says "ta-i-mu ma-shi-n" and if you read this loud -- yes, this is the Japanese word for "time machine"!

The small characters are from the Hiragana alphabet and I can't yet decipher them. Also, I don't know the name of the child but I think he/she is eleven-twelve years old. In the lower part are also two things that does not belong to the movie, the blue and yellow object on the left side is a time machine from a Japanese manga/anime for kids ...

VOX (Orlando Jones) singing the Time Machine Musical

The Time Machine musical from the future

VOX (Orlando Jones) is singing a tune from the Broadway musical Time Machine. I have a Time Machine musical on my site here but I can't find these words which he is singing:

There is a place called tomorrow
A place of joy, not of sorrow
Can't you see
It's a place for you and [me]

So these words are from a Time Machine musical of the future...

Decaying time machine

My own drawing of the Time Machine

The picture above shows a time machine a time traveller left long ago. The time traveller died and the time machine was left in the forest's glade and a pair of thrushes built a nest in it. If some details looks wrong compaired with the original in the 2002 movie The Time Machine, it depends on that this picture was drawn summer 2003 by heart in Rijeka, Northern Croatia.

If you find more trivia or goofs, mail them to me! Even this page can have some goofs (especially spelling ones!)...

Sandra Petojevic, Master of Arts, March 7, 2006
(updated July 20, 2013 (the fingernails) and October 14, 2006)


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