Other Time Machine productions

Simon Wells 2002 movie The Time Machine with Guy Pearce as the time traveller Alexander Hartdegen, here just arrived in New York in May 2030
The Simon Wells's movie The Time Machine (2002) by Sandra Petojevic
with two posters (Japanese and Korean) and a Japanese wallpaper in large files

Trivia and Goofs of the Simon Wells's 2002 movie by Sandra Petojevic

A fantasy world with Pal's Time Machine created by Sandra Petojevic

Time Machine by NewTown, a bluegrass band by Sandra Petojevic <--New!

Other Time Travel Novels by Sandra Petojevic <--Updated

Time Travel in Real Life by professor Ronald L. Mallet

The Time Machine 2002 Screensaver by Kevin Karstens

The 1895 Time Machine Motion Simulator Ride
...and the first movie script ever?
by Don Brockway

A religious plot to keep the world's only time machine a secret? by Don Brockway

Jason Peri's Time Machine music by Don Brockway

H.G. Does Vegas by Don Brockway

The Musical by Don Brockway

"... the silliest film." - H.G. Wells on "Metropolis" (1927) by Don Brockway


Recommended offsite links about other Time Machines:

U.S. Patent Number 1 - an exciting board game with time machines provided by Cheapass Games
Large Turkish Time Travel site in Zamandayoculuk
H.G. Wells's The Time Machine adapted for radio by Irving Rabitch, originally broadcast October 22, 1950
The physicist Amos Ori claims to have found the first realistic model of a time machine which can transport us into the past.
Everyone entering this site will begin a new journey on a different time line ...
Believe it or not: Real time machines and a real time gate in a Pravda science article by Olga Zharina
The Time Machine screened by BBC television in 1949
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy about Time Machines by John Earman and Christian Wüthrich
Nova - Time Travel by the WGBH Science Unit
True Time Travel? by Stephen Wagner




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