"Sometimes people tend to forget, that the [Time] Machine is a movie prop"
Rod Taylor in the documentary film Time Machine: The Journey Back

I am a great fan of the Time Machine since the middle of the 1970's when I saw the George Pal film The Time Machine in Yugoslavia or Hungary (not Sweden!) when I was only five or six years old. This is for sure because i drew pictures with ornaments very similar to those on the dish, and when I saw the Time Machine in the Carl Sagan's TV-series Cosmos in May 1982 in Sweden, I remember I recognized it with awe.
I didn't see The Time Machine in rerun until November 2002 on Swedish TV. I taped it on a video cassette because it begun too late in the evening, and when I saw the Time Machine again, it looked to me like a magnificient throne-sled of a mighty Sun-Emperor complete with a crystal sceptre. This become a solution to my fantasy novel The Tiaras of Power, which I have written since 1997 and which have a long history back in the 1970's. And this history is a mix of Balkan, Hungarian and Swedish tradition and is totally different from the American but I hope it will make you curious about the film and the book.

If some pictures on my homesite seems irreverent, remember that Artezania and all the kingdoms, cultures, religions and events in it, is a fantasy world created by me and that the Time Machine in our (Terranian) world is a movie prop created for the George Pal film. I'ts like having a Bible as a movie prop (it has blank pages ...)
Sandra Petojevic, Master of Arts in Art History and Visual Studies, University of Gothenburg, Sweden.

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