Lunar Model kit build-up - part i

Via Ebay I bought a Lunar Time Machine Model kit and brought it to Poljane, a little village near Opatija, Croatia.
I began to assemble it in saturday 19:th Juny 2004 with the only tools shown above. The wooden stick has a drill bit fastened in the split end with rubber band and I used it to drill four holes in the base for the railings (because the four original holes was all in the wrong position, ca one centimeter (less than a half inch) forward than necessary). It was also necessary to drill a hole in the motor pedestal for the shaft and a deeper hole in the dish. With the file I made smoother surface on the end caps for the generator cones and the panel (or else they wouldn't fit) and also on the generator cones for the motor pedestal. Two corners on the pedestals's base was damaged, and therefore I made round corners. The forward pair of legs is in their right position, bud for the back legs it was wrongly marked on the base and I placed them five millimeter forward and one centimeter wider so they matched the original position of legs under the movie prop.
Also one rivet was missing from the dish but it was easy to replace with a spare resin part and one of the generator cones had a strange pointed shape on one side but it was easy to file down.
The picture above is fron 26:th Juny, I sat with the Time Macine Model kit almost every evening out in the terrace until the sun went down and it became to dark. In this picture I have already begun to assemble the kit.

Oops, parts are missing ...
Yes, several parts wasn't in the kit when I opened it in Sweden before the departure. First, the frontpiece of the armchair was missing, also a brass rod to make the M-shaped frontpiece between the runners and the metal thread was too short. I found a brass rod and enough brass thread in the dustbin(!) in the GOArt workshop where I in autumn 1998 worked with oak carvings for the North-German baroque organ for the Örgryte New Church in Gothenburg, Sweden.
This is why the armchair was never assembled that summer, because it is hard to find a fitting spare part. (I must take an another look in that dustbin again :-)) And more, the armchair is very badly cast, it will not hold together, if I can't reinforce it in a proper way. I think I will do it with the spare resin rod which is holding the very small parts of the kit. The picture above was taken 12:th july and the picture below 15:th july.

No transfer decals here!
I brought the transfer decals with me, but then i realized that my Time Machine model would be more personal if entirely handpainted, and i used the transfer decals only as a pattern. When the base and the motor pedestal was assembled I began to paint them and the dish by hand with Citadel Colour which was perfect for resin parts. I used Dwarf Bronze, Shining Gold, Burnished Gold, Blood Red, Sunburst Yellow and (mistakenly) Chaos Black on the dish. (It must be Enchanted Blue on the hub as the forthcoming acantus ornaments.)
Then i used Scorched Brown for the base, Mithril Silver (The "Lunar Models" plate), Chainmail (wheels), Blood Red (cushion) and Burnished Gold (rivets).


Now the Time Machine Model kit is beginning to take the familiar shape ...
The temporal motor is painted with Woodland Green, Burnished Gold, Skull White, Chaos Black, Blood Red, Enchanted Blue, Sunburst Yellow, Goblin Green and Bleached Bone, and the runners is painted with Burnished Gold and Enchanted Blue. It was very tricky to paint the generator cones black and white, but I wanted them personal - and in the medieval Matebia there was no transfer decals. The picture above is from 17:th July and the picture below left from 11:th August.

The console is also entirely handpainted ...
The date on it, 9:th April 1321, is crucial for my fantasy novel and in the right picture, the lamps got cages of brass strings. For the lever i only got the plastic bead in the kit, for me it was enough (and you can't find any suitable rock crystal in a little city as Opatija). In the kit it was also a round brass rod and I wrapped brass strings around it to make the six coiled wires for the temporal motor. The yellow squares, the date windows in the panel and all lampbulbs are lacquered with 'Ardcoat gloss varnish.
Now the Time Machine Model is only missing the armchair, the dish and th
e rear lamp. The brass thread I brought with me was too thin (but in middle of march 2005 I found a proper copper thread in the above mentioned dustbin) and therefore are only the panel lamps with cages. The picture above right is from 12:th August 2004, the day before the departure back to Gothenburg, Sweden. The Time Machine Model will be completed summer 2005 and I will use the decal sheet as a pattern, it is very beautiful but compared to the Time Machine in the film, some decals are missing: for the rear parts of the railings, for the inside of the runners, for the backside of the dish and also one golden dot is missing in the front decal for the console.


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Time Machine Model kit builder and painter: Sandra Petojevic
March 26 2005 (updated February 25, 2007)

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